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 Auctave provides immersive digital solutions for manufacturing companies and other tech industries. The solution entails the design, development, and planning of assets or manufacturing processes with the goal of predicting asset life cycles and deviations. we also use 3D technology to transmit preventive alarms to end-users in the production line.


​Cloud Analytics Modernization

Our cloud-based data modernization method creates a platform that is highly accessible, useful, and compliant, resulting in cost savings and enabling analytics to improve personalization and forecasting.

Our data modernization solution identifies supply chain bottlenecks and aids in the improvement of product selection, pricing, forecasting, and marketing channels, lowering costs and increasing revenues.

Data Science Acceleration

Make forward-looking tactics based on machine learning findings. Discover new business opportunities, anticipate industry trends and patterns, reduce risks and errors, and boost your profits. Use what-if analysis to empower your team and foresee potential strategy outcomes before they are implemented.

By reducing time to decision and using simple analytics, you can increase revenue and extend your customer base.

Virtual Environment Prediction and Analysis

We offer a unique combination of Sensors and AI Vision-based technologies, as well as a suite of custom AI/ML/DL libraries for Industry 4.0, to solve complex business problems and provide cost & profit drivers to optimize conversion economics (Cost, Quality, Efficiency) with a "Health, Safety, and Environment- HSE First" approach.

We create "live simulations" of the acquired data for our clients, together with an economic effect assessment of every present or possible abnormality, to provide cross-functional insights and predictive foresight. On-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployment options are available for the cloud-agnostic platform.

Real Time Analytics

We provide holistic solutions that furnaces with innovative features for deeper analysis into asset reliability, performance, and dynamic benchmarking leading to Yield Improvement.


Real-time monitoring of plant performance, process optimization, and predictive maintenance of Furnaces with innovative features for deeper analysis into assets reliability, performance, and dynamic benchmarking leading to Yield Improvement.

Our solution predicts Plant Efficiency and Revenue Losses, the method can help maximize production and prevent losses, lowering maintenance costs.

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